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Cohen & Cohen Travel Management offers a wide range of holiday tours and packages. The tours and packages includes wide range of options such as Family package Tour, Honeymoon Tours Package, Study Tour Package, Spiritual Tour Package and Medical Tour Package.

We offer all these packages with our experienced staffs with proper consultation and advices. Visit our Office at Jacksons Parade.



     C&C Travel Management features the list of top family holiday packages in PNG and also around world. Be it any part of the country and around world  or any season of the year our packages give you the best options of embarking on an enjoyable family vacation to these destinations. You are welcome to explore the details of these holiday packages here.



     The honeymoon is a happy, relaxing, exciting, and peaceful period in the life of any couple. It’s the time you spend getting to know each other and exploring terrains that have yet been unexplored. Picking the right destination for your honeymoon, therefore, is crucial. There are plenty of options you will come across when looking for the best honeymoon packages in PNG and also around World, and tourists have a lot to choose from our international honeymoon trip packages at C&C Travel Management as well.



     As PNG's Leading Overseas Education Consultant, CCTM is the one-stop solution for all your international study needs. As study abroad consultants in PNG we offer all the prospective services a student will require on their journey to study abroad under one roof.

We have ensured to provide quality and professional counselling to our students. Your study abroad aspiration is safe in our hands since we provide free counselling services for countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, and many more.
Visit our office and benefit from this service. Start your study abroad journey with us.



     A typical medical tourism package includes various services that come in competent prices. The medical history of the patient is emailed and discussed, the patient is received at the airport, he is escorted to the hospital for treatment, and following discharge, is offered a recuperative holiday at a resort after which a post treatment check up is ensured before final departure.This is an all inclusive package for the patient and the accompanying person.



Spiritual tourism is to travel to find purpose and meaning to your life. It elevates your physical, mental, and emotional energies. It develops, maintains, and improves your body, mind, and spirit. In a nutshell, it connects your body, mind, and soul. Hence, spiritual tourism can be defined as traveling on pilgrimage to acquire enlightenment, entertainment, and education to leave your footprints and take your memories back to your home by expressing your gratitude to God. We offer spiritual tour packages to different destinations around the world.

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